May 14th to 19th 2024 – Yoga Retreat

Return to Nature” with Kasia Blackwell, Yoga House London

Fun, intuitive, feel good morning Vinyasa flows and soothing evening Yin and Soundscapes (with Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls) allowing you to unwind and enter states of deep relaxation and restoration. 

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May 18th to 26th 2024 – Practitioner Training

“Somagetic Practitioner Training” with Nathan Marcuzzi, Somagetic

A transformative experience, offering participants the opportunity to connect with their tacit knowledge and strengthen their ability to “read” bio-energetic feedback. Through the practice of presence and awareness, participants will sharpen their ability to sense body frequency and increase their energetic sensitivity.

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June 10th to 16th 2024 – Yoga retreat

“The Journey Within” with Liz Joy Hardie and Sophie Boucher

“Allow us to take you on a Journey inward.
When we place ourselves in a new environment that is set up for us to nourish our physical and spiritual practice we go through a process of transformation. Escape the pressures of your daily life and nourish yourself with this blissful retreat”

We can’t wait to return to Yenice Vadi for a week of connection and yoga.  

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June 25th to 30th 2024 – Yoga Retreat

“Turkish Valley Retreat” with Nikki Wilkins

“I invite you to escape and for five days immerse yourself in the practise of vinyasa, yin, meditation and pranayama. In our busy city life, yoga is often sandwiched between travel, phone calls, texts, work, family commitments and 60 minute studio timetables. And so a retreat is just that: a withdrawal from the noise and digital mayhem, a place to indulge, grow and learn more about this beautiful practise and deepen your own personal yoga practise”

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July 1st to 7th 2024 – Cookery Retreat

“The Caldesi Mediterranean Wellness Week” with well-known author Katie Caldesi

Much research has highlighted the many benefits of a Mediterranean lifestyle. A diet of fresh vegetable-based meals including meat and fish, plenty of herbs, wholegrains and olive oil seems to be the secret to long-term wellness. We’ll teach you how to avoid refined white grains, minimise sugar, say no to processed foods and help you bring the Mediterranean into your kitchen back home. We’ll cover a range of recipes including quick meals that can be made in under 30 minutes as well as slow-cooks for batch cooking.

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Sept 9th to 15th 2024 – Personal Wellness Retreat

“Body Wisdom” with Nikki Hillhouse

Body Wisdom Wellness Retreat is designed exclusively for women to help transform your relationship with your body, learning tools that harness your well-being during the retreat and beyond. Disconnect from your busy life and re-connect to the inner wisdom of your Body and Mind. Reflect & Connect to your Best Self

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Sept 23rd  to 29th  2024 – Cookery Retreat

“The Caldesi Mediterranean Wellness Week” with well-known author Katie Caldesi

Katie Caldesi’s retreat has been so popular and we are delighted that she is returning again this year in the autumn.

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Sept 29th to Oct 6th  2024 – Yoga Retreat

“Yoga Retreat in Turkey” with Jean-Claude Rawady and Tanya

“Allow your stresses to melt away with guided yoga practices, home grown organic cuisine and plenty of time to let go and connect to your true nature”. We are delighted to welcome JC back to Yenice Vadi again in 2024.