Sept 25th to Oct 1st 2023 – Yoga Retreat

“Yoga Retreat in Turkey” with Jean-Claude Rawady and Candido Nunez

“Allow your stresses to melt away with guided yoga practices, home grown organic cuisine and plenty of time to let go and connect to your true nature”. We are delighted to welcome JC and Candido back to Yenice Vadi again in 2023.

June 12th to June 18th 2023 – Yoga retreat

“Elemental Yoga Retreat” with Liz Joy Hardie and Sophie Boucher

“Drop out of the world and drop in for 5 blissful days of Yin Yang Yoga, Meditation Yoga Nidra and much much more. You deserve some serious self-care, and this is an invitation to retreat yourself and escape from the hustle and bustle of life. Allow us to take you on a journey through the 5 Great Elements of nature with Vinyasa Yoga.”

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June 19th to 25th – Cookery Retreat

“The Caldesi Mediterranean Wellness Week” with well-known author Katie Caldesi

Much research has highlighted the many benefits of a Mediterranean lifestyle. A diet of fresh vegetable-based meals including meat and fish, plenty of herbs, wholegrains and olive oil seems to be the secret to long-term wellness. We’ll teach you how to avoid refined white grains, minimise sugar, say no to processed foods and help you bring the Mediterranean into your kitchen back home. We’ll cover a range of recipes including quick meals that can be made in under 30 minutes as well as slow-cooks for batch cooking.

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Sept 4th to 10th 2023 – Cookery Retreat

“The Caldesi Mediterranean Wellness Week” with well-known author Katie Caldesi

Katie Caldesi’s retreat has been so popular and we are delighted that she is returning this year in the autumn.

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Oct 2nd to 8th 2023 – Wellness Retreat

“Mind, Body and Wellness” with Nikki Hillhouse

“What you need to Thrive is already within you. I will help you to reconnect with your Authentic Self. I will show you how to be at Peace with your Mind, Body & Life.

Improve your health and wellbeing, and leave with more clarity and a positive Mindset. Learn to Meditate & Implement simple life enhancing techniques. You will take away valuable tools you can use anywhere. Give yourself the Space and Time to Nurture your Mind & Body.

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