Eat with us


Horse at Yenice Vadi
Hens at Yenice Vadi
Goats at Yenice Vadi

Our farm started off with a small flock of friendly egg-laying chickens and 4 doves which were a gift from friends. This has grown into a friendly family farm.

We take our goats and sheep up into the mountains every day to graze and we would be delighted for you to join us. If you’re lucky, you will meet wild tortoises strolling around in the mountains.

Take a flask of cay (Turkish tea) and enjoy the stunning views while the goats happily munch the bushes. We haven’t yet started yoga with goats but you never know! Every spring sees the birth of the new generation of babies which is wonderful to experience.

The rabbits roam freely around the paddocks and are often to be found munching the vegetables near the greenhouse. Luckily Mr. McGregor is not here to see them stealing his vegetables! They are a friendly bunch and enjoy a cuddle.

Our 4 rescue donkeys have finally made friends with each other and now share a paddock, we haven’t had any baby donkeys yet but are always hopeful. Visitors offering carrots are always welcomed.

Next door you will find the horses who will vie for your attention – and the carrots of course!

The farm is always worth a visit as we often have new members joining our family.

Rabbits at Yenice Vadi