Places to visit

There are a number of places within an easy drive, whether that be half an hour to the coast or to Muğla, or the 1, 2, or 3 hours to visit some of the major Graeco-Roman sites such as Ephesus.

Driving in Turkey

Turkish roads, especially the main roads, are in good condition, and relatively free of traffic. Driving in the main towns can be a bit more challenging, but in general the rules of the road are much the same as in England- with the exception of roundabouts, which are complete chaos! Our motto when driving is “expect the unexpected”.

Akyaka Turkey

Places to Visit


Akyaka is the nearest beach, and is also the home of many good restaurants, both on the beach, and set beside the crystal-clear waters of the Azmak river. It is situated at the end of the beautiful Bay of Gökova and tucked in between the sea and the Sakara Tepe mountains. From here you can hire boats to take you on day trips out into the Bay of Gökova, with numerous swimming stops.

Journey time approximately 30 minutes.


Places to Visit


Aphrodisias is one of the most stunning Graeco-Roman sites in Turkey, and one of our favourites. It covers a similar area to the more famous (and more visited) Ephesus, and has some wonderful buildings, including the fabulous stadium, the restored Sebasteion (temple), and a 100m long oval pool. It is very easy to walk around, having excellent signage, and you will share every building / structure with no more than a couple of other people.

For more information, please go to The Friends of Aphrodisias.

Journey time approximately 2 hours.

Bodrum Turkey

Places to Visit


Bodrum is located on the southern coast of the Bodrum Peninsula, at a point that marks the entry into the bay of Gökova. The city was called Halicarnassus of Caria in ancient times and was famous for housing the Mausoleum of Mausolus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. This can still be visited, but little remains, indeed, most of the friezes are in the British Museum. Bodrum Castle, built by the Knights Hospitaller in the 15th century, overlooks the harbour and the marina, and today includes an interesting Museum of Underwater Archaeology. The marina contains some stunning boats, and there are many good restaurants set along the harbour. There are also many small villages around the coast of the Bodrum peninsula that are well worth a visit.

Journey time just under 2 hours.

Daliyan Sultanyie

Places to Visit


Dalyan is a wonderful all-round day trip. The prime attractions here are the delta itself, with the famous Lycian rock tombs, the ancient city of Kaunos, the mud baths and sulphur springs at Sultaniye, the massive (5,200 hectares) freshwater Köyceğiz Lake, and the famous Iztuzu (Turtle) beach. The best way to see all the sites is to hire a river boat (and driver) for the day – book in advance and arrange for lunch to be included.

Journey time approximately 1.25 hours.

Ephesus Turkey

Places to Visit


Ephesus (Efes in Turkey) is the most famous, the most complete, and, on the downside, probably the most crowded ancient site in Turkey. Nevertheless, it really is a ‘must see’ – if not on your first visit to Turkey, then certainly at some point.

The admission ticket also covers the house of the Virgin Mary. Though this is obviously of interest for religious reasons, it is not otherwise the most interesting of buildings – and has somewhat tenuous religious links. Latterly, the Terraced Houses have been opened to the public with a separate entrance ticket. It is well worth the extra, with reinforced glass walkways above the rooms giving a splendid “birds eye view” of the frescoed walls and mosaic floors. Journey time approximately 2.25 hours.

Marmaris Turkey

Places to Visit


Marmaris is the most famous town on this part of the coast, and very popular amongst British tourists.

One of the most interesting parts of Marmaris is the area around the castle, and the castle itself which contains an archaeological museum, with many statues dating back to Ionian times. It also has a number of other artefacts, both from the sea locally, and from other sites along the peninsula.

From the walk around the walls, you also get fabulous views of the marina, and the bay.

The bazaar is hidden behind shops near the castle and its alleys run down to the beach. It is a complete maze full of souvenirs and fake designer-ware.

Journey time approximately 50 minutes.

Mugla Turkey

Places to Visit


Muğla is the county town (in English terms) of the province of Muğla, which covers most of the South West corner of Turkey (i.e., the main tourist areas).

As Muğla is inland, it is sufficiently far from most of the resorts to have retained its charm as a traditional Turkish town. Everywhere you go you see old and new. In the streets you find delicious modern cake shops together with traditional köfte shops, the market stalls sell power drills next to scythes, and even the 13th century hamam (Turkish bath) has a website and an email address.

Market day is on a Thursday – unless you particularly want to visit the market, then the traffic and the fun of trying to park is to be avoided. It is very much a locals market selling fresh produce grown locally and definitely worth seeing to experience the sheer size of it!

Muğla also has a small museum, covering everything from prehistoric bones through Graeco-Roman, and on to Ottoman times.

Journey time approximately 30 minutes.

Stratonikeia Turkey

Places to Visit


Unlike many of the coastal ancient sites, Stratonikeia, being inland, was in use as a town up until well into the middle of the 20th century. Over the last 5 years there has been a lot archaeological excavation and restoration and It has been mooted that Stratonikeia was once a gladiator training centre.

As well as ancient ruins (theatre, bouleuterion, temple, gymnasium) there are relatively modern ones too, including a mosque and a shop / workshop. The lower levels of the walls of many of the modern buildings are made by reusing the ancient stones, columns, etc., and there is a fascinating ancient arch in the middle of a working farmyard. Whilst this is probably not very sound in terms of building control, it does make for an interesting stroll round.

Journey time approximately 1 hour.