Reconnect with Nature

We all need to hit the pause button from time to time.  Taking a deep breath and absorbing the magical world around us. 

Guests at Yenice Vadi get to experience the natural beauty of Turkey.  Reconnecting with nature, seeing the wonder of the vast wildlife on display and of course enjoying local organic cuisine. 

Food is grown within our organic greenhouse and surrounding fields or sourced locally so that everyone can taste the seasonal delights on offer.  Our farm animals get to enjoy days in the sunshine, coming to say hello as you walk about the stunning valley.  Using traditional farming methods we look to grow everything naturally so that it not only supports our restaurant but also the local wildlife population. 

Even our olive trees are thriving having been rehomed with us, providing a bumper harvest in October which we then turn into our own olive oil.  Looking at ways to help the local wildlife is part of our ethos so that it can evolve and be shared for many years to come. 

Giving Nature a Helping Hand

Little acts of kindness can go a long way to support the lives of our natural world.  Simple changes such as planting native food sources and creating habitats that help wildlife survive.  Yenice Vadi hillside is surrounded by sage and rosemary bushes along with lavender grown throughout the gardens providing shelter and food sources.

Surrounding our beautiful swimming pool we have created a natural lake with lilies and reeds so you truly feel you are swimming with nature.  The lake is a wonderful place to relax by, watching the secret world within but it also has provided a home to so many from the natural world.  This natural habitat is enjoyed by some stunning wildlife along with giving birds a much needed source of water.

Meet our friendly visitors

Here are just some of the friendly visitors we have seen at the lake, taken by one of our guests a keen photographer and nature spotter.

Blue tailed Damselfly 

Violet Dropwing

Scarlett Darter


Short-toed eagle


White wagtail

Friendly Frog

Black-eared Wheatear

Window to their world

Nature follows the natural rhythm of the seasons, wildlife emerges and disappears at the different times of year a wonderful cycle of change performing right in front of us.  From butterflies, damsel and dragon flies to birds announcing their arrival with their orchestra of birdsongs.

This fascinating spectre is there for you to see at Yenice Vadi.  Positioned in a valley you can freely walk around the mountains and hillside to catch sight of short toed eagles, butterflies and bees, come across the wild tortoises and watch the birds fly between the pine trees.

Every day is a window to their world that they are sharing with you.

Red-rumped Swallow 

Black-eared Wheatear

Kruper’s Nuthatch

Nature benefits our wellbeing

Science suggests that being surrounded by nature is good for our wellbeing, it gives us a greater sense of connection to the world around us.  It allows time to switch off.  Helping to relax and destress so that we are calmer and in doing so more open to people and our emotions. 

The wonders and fascinating sights nature provides encourages us to think more creatively, nourishing our mind making us more curious and generating new ideas.  Being outside exposes you to more oxygen and dopamine giving your brain the fuel it needs.

To quote Albert Einstein “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

So when you visit Yenice Vadi make time for yourself.  Wander slowly around the hillside or relax by the lake with a Turkish tea and look closely at the amazing world around you.