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Vegetable garden

Vegetables growing at Yenice Vadi
Vegetable garden at Yenice Vadi
Vegetables grown at Yenice Vadi

In our organic greenhouse and field we grow a range of seasonal vegetables, salad leaves and herbs. The greenhouse has certainly lengthened the growing season and we are lucky enough to have several plantings of salad leaves over the year. At various times you will find tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, okra, broccoli, cabbage, onions and spinach to name but a few!

As you stroll around the gardens you will see many old olive trees that have been re-homed with us. Olive harvesting season is October, and if you are visiting at that time, you are welcome to pick a bowl which you can crush and make into your own olive oil to enjoy when you return home.

You will find sage and rosemary bushes all around the hillside which we use in our cooking as well as in the bar for making herbal teas. Traditionally, dried sage is often burned to purify the air and repel insects so if you see smoke on the outside dining terrace, don’t panic!!

Our lavender bushes grow prolifically throughout the gardens and we harvest the flowers just as they are about to bloom to make our own essential lavender oil which you will find in our market area.

Vegetable garden at Yenice Vadi